Cheap sunglasses are super dangerous! What is the safest way to choose sunglasses?

Even in Japanese, which is said to be devoted to anti-UV skin, can not measure the ultraviolet eye?! I will introduce the reason why you should not buy a cheap sunglasses and a correct eye UV measures. The anti-UV measures that are often overlooked. 96.9% of the people who are anti-UV measures in the face, […]

Oakley stop sale of knock-off sunglasses

Foothills Ranch-based Oakley filed the lawsuit in federal court Tuesday against Treasure Franchise Co., which franchises AM-PM stores in California, Nevada and Arizona, reported the Orange County Register. Super Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Store Online Free Shipping In The 24 Hours, oakley sunglasses cheap, We Offer Only High Quality Products,Super Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Sale … At […]