Cheap sunglasses are super dangerous! What is the safest way to choose sunglasses?

Even in Japanese, which is said to be devoted to anti-UV skin, can not measure the ultraviolet eye?! I will introduce the reason why you should not buy a cheap sunglasses and a correct eye UV measures.

The anti-UV measures that are often overlooked.

96.9% of the people who are anti-UV measures in the face, but the anti-UV measures of the eye was reduced to 39.6 percent and lower results. cheap oakley sunglasses in USA. Source Ultraviolet rays make you look bad? Protect your eyes with UV-cut glasses and sunglasses.

The most quick and fashionable item to prevent eye rays, discount sunglasses 90 off! But wait a minute! Do you choose sunglasses or just design?

When choosing sunglasses, women tend to prioritize whether they look good or not. However, in the role of sunglasses, the most important is the UV cut function.

Do you think it will be UV (UV) cut if you use a colored lens ? The person is going to do the anti-UV measures, but it could also be counterproductive. fake oakleys for sale. In the case of UV measures, it is important to check the display of UV-cut (ono) and wear sunglasses with such a display. ”

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You should also throw away the idea that sunglasses = glare!

The color is not related to the performance of the UV cut, although it seems to be often mistaken that a dark lens can cut ultraviolet rays. ”

If you wear dark sunglasses, your pupil will open wide, trying to put more light on it. In this case, in sunglasses that do not have UV measures, oakley sunglasses cheap prices, the amount of light is from a wide open pupil (pupil) because it is not dropped with respect to the ultraviolet rays of what was dropped, harmful ultraviolet light is also defenseless to the cornea, the lens straight! There is a time when it becomes the state and has the opposite effect. ”

“When UV damage accumulates, it not only causes eye such as cataracts and keratitis in the future, but may also lead to eye blemishes and presbyopia. ”

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To keep the “UV” in the eye without any measures, it will increase the risk of occurrence of serious eye diseases such as cataract, keratitis “and” pterygium fragments .

As for the cataract which is one of the diseases of the eye with a high probability of onset especially in the elderly in the trouble of the eye, it has been confirmed that there is a possibility of the influence of ultraviolet rays as the maximum factor of the onset of the cataract. ”

The type that the frame is large and can cover to the side of the eye is recommended as measures against ultraviolet rays entering from the side and the back of the sunglasses. ”

“If you want to buy sunglasses with good performance for the purpose of UV cutting, go to the glasses shop instead of the general store, I recommend that you buy it in consultation with the glasses inspector who seems to have a rich experience of work. ”

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A recent study even if the skin is not exposed to ultraviolet rays when ultraviolet light enters the eye, the eyes are sensitive to ultraviolet rays, and the research report has been announced that the brain makes a directive “to make a melanin pigment” and the skin goes black. ”

In foreign countries, the anti-ultraviolet eye is common sense?!

In Japan, if you put sunglasses on your child, you may have a habit of being accused of being a little different. However, if the country changes, it is possible to be able to play outside without wearing sunglasses and to be “it is terrible-poor”.