How to make a weighted blanket-Weighted blanket fillers guide

If you want to do your own inexpensive weighted blanket, you have to know what materials you can choose as fillers.

What the hell am I supposed to fill with?

weighted blanket fill
weighted blanket fill

The most popular options are plastic poly pellets and glass beads, and sand.

Some people say:What about weighted blankets filled with food?

The most notable drawback of food fillers is that they are delicate and susceptible to mold, fungi, bacterial growth and pests, and at some point they become obsolete and rotten.

It is best to use a durable non-organic weighted blanket filler

The best use of weighted blanket fillers
The best use of weighted blanket fillers

Best filling for weighted blanket.Because this ensures that it does not cause you any trouble when using, cleaning or storing.

1.Plastic poly pellets

Pros: Non-toxic.Durable.

Cons: They are small round plastic beads with a pebble-like texture.If you have skin or sound sensitivity, then this may not be your best bet.

2. Glass beads

These beads are very slender and have a similar look and feel to white sandy beaches or salt crystals.

Pros: Heavier than Plastic poly pellets.They also look smoother in your blanket, and they may be the best choice for anyone of any type of hearing, feeling and physical sensitivity.

Cons: Because it is one of the highest quality choices, the price is higher.


Sand can be used as a filler to weighted blankets.

Pros: Very cheap.

Cons: Sand is not as easy to disperse as glass beads or plastic particles, and is more difficult to wash and dry than non-organic fillers.Not durable.

How to Choose the Right Fabric?

How to make a weighted blanket.Depends on your sensory preferences,and your budget.

  • Flannel
  • Quilt fabric
  • Cotton
  • Fleece

If you are prone to hot flashes or you are too hot, you can choose a quilt fabric. It’s much cooler than flannel, but the touch is rough.This blanket is suitable for summer and menopausal women.The flannel fabric is ideal for keeping warm and is the perfect choice for cold months.

Is the weighted blanket too hot in summer?

  • Possibly. I advise against buying weighted blankets made of cloth:
  1. Knitted polyester
  2. Thick denim
  3. Flannel
  4. Woven acrylic
  5. Fleece
  6. Basically anything synthetic
  • If you’ve already bought it

When using blankets, you can keep yourself cool.

Use a fan or air conditioner to reduce the temperature of the surrounding environment.
Drink plenty of cold water to help regulate your body temperature and keep it cool.
Wash the cold shower
Clothes that penetrate the gas fabric

How often should I use a weighted blanket?

You can use them multiple times a day, not just while you’re sleeping.Because it is safe to guidelines for weighted blankets and is designed to be used at any time.

Why buy a weighted blanket? What is its principle, what are the magical things?

Best weighted blanket reddit, the principle behind it is a medical principle of “neural deep pressure stimulation”. Under this physical pressure, the human body will form a feeling of being embraced, and the body naturally produces more melatonin and Serotonin, while reducing cortisol, plays a role in helping sleep.

This product was originally used to assist children with autism treatment, and has since expanded to include ancillary treatments for insomnia, anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD. In any case, if you can solve the insomnia without taking medicine, it is very worthwhile.